03 | Web page creation


Provide total solution for Home page creation


Need to have Home page from scratch! But too busy to create ...

In the shortest case, We create the Home page for you in ONE week.
Hearing request by visiting your office or Video conference, Telephone calls.


A home page already exists, but design is needed to update!

We will provide the home page as you wish.
It is possible to select from templates and customize as you want.


Page layout looks strange on a smart phone screen...

Design, Layout, functions on the mobile site will be fine adjusted.

Configuration of Domain and Server

“Where can I get Domain and Server?” ASK us! We will provide complete solution with Home page creation.

What are Domain and Server?


How can be a home page shown? Do you know the mechanism? To publish the home page, a “server” as a place which hold data is needed. User can see the home page by referring data on the server.
One more required thing to creating home page is”domain”. As you have seen http://www.hahaha.com “hahaha.com" portion is domain.
Domain is a kind of destination on the web, and a server is a house.

Correspondence of SSL

To avoid 3 major risk, encrypt Data communication on the home page. User can see the home page without risks.


What is SSL?


Internet which is used by us can be stolen information by wicked person. Private information can be seen by some one else! Such a risk exists.
To make user to use home page without any risk, We provide the homepage iplemented SSL.

Access analysis

From The data of visitor, by analyzing user property and behavior to know the trend is called “access analysis”. Not just to know the trend, where the visitor stopped viewing, reason why left the page, building hypothesis can be possible. In this way, access analysis can be used as a basis for considering website renovation to achieve the goal of attracting customers using the website, and it is possible to rotate the PDCA cycle. Through this access analysis, we will support your marketing by renovating the homepage to meet the target even after the homepage production contract.


Know the users

It can be interpreted that the smaller the number of sessions compared to the number of page views, the more interested the users are. By looking at which devices are most viewed on, it is possible to formulate hypotheses for viewing scenes and formulate strategies such as what to focus on in production.


How did user know it?

You can see what the user came through. Typical examples include natural search, direct URL input, and via SNS. If the content is updated regularly, it can be interpreted that many of the fans are directly entering the URL or via bookmarks, and that a large percentage of the fans are reading the homepage.


Know the popular page

You can also know the number of page views, the number of users, the exit rate, etc. Knowing which pages are popular will give you a clearer idea of what to focus on. Users tend to think that they browse from the top of the site in order, but it can be an indicator to review whether the design is easy to browse one after another.

We do content update.

Updating information is essential for a profitable website. For customers who don't have time to update their website, and honestly feel it's a hassle, we have enhanced support that allows you to request work on a regular basis. It is also possible to analyze access analysis, report, content draft creation, and accompanying work request analysis.


Necessity of updating

1:Keeping reliability

Your homepage is your gateway to customers. The customer wouldn't want to do business with an unmaintained lawless area.

2:Making the customer repeater

In order to make the customer a repeater , it is essential to create an environment in which customers can check new products and services even after purchasing products or using services, which is expected to increase the frequency of repeat purchases.

3:Search Engine Optimization

Updating web site makes search engine appraisal better, then search result will be improved.

4:Prevent troubles

If old information remains on the site, it may lead to misunderstandings by users and may lead to complaints and other troubles.