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In the precious year of the accession of His Majesty the Emperor, we raised our first cry and raised the company name of Crystal. I am very honored to be able to share the same time with everyone on the occasion of the change of era to Reiwa.

With the passage of time, various ways of living, ways of thinking, and lifestyles in the world have changed greatly. Until 150 years ago, agriculture was thriving in Japan, and about 90% of the population were farmers. Over time, the world changed from carriages to automobiles, giving rise to the petroleum industry, the financial industry that underpinned the Industrial Revolution, the space industry after World War II, and computer systems and networks. Society and communication systems are also undergoing major changes.

Only in the past 150 years, many industries have been born, and we have lived with the support of an industrial society. It's already been 20 years since the IT industry was born. In just 20 years, the environment surrounding us has changed dramatically, and we have become a very convenient society, and it will continue to get better. Business alliances between IT companies and the automobile industry will accelerate the electrification and automation of society, and our means of transportation will undergo further dramatic evolution. Under these circumstances, we would like to contribute to the world in fields such as communication, automation, and electrification.

Personally, I have a strong desire to repay to the automobile industry that raised me. Giving back is not easy. We believe that we can give back only by providing what our customers want and changing society for the better. In order to achieve this goal, all employees, myself included, will humbly work hard every day, improve each other's technological capabilities, and continue to innovate.

CEO Souza Fabio


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Crystal CO.,LTD

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CEO Souza Fabio

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#2-6 Nagonokyampasu
2-14-1 Nagono Nishi-ku,
Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken 451-0042




One million yen

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Engineering business/Educational business and miscellaneous belongs to them

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Ends December



my route

当社事業、電動キックボードシェアリングサービス「Su__i」は、トヨタファイナンシャルサービス株式会社が手がけるMaaSアプリ「my route」に参画しております。

■ my route マイルート | 「行きたい」をつなげる「おで活」アプリ


Japan Automotive Model-Based Engineering center

We are regular member of “JAMBE” which make MBD popular to Nation wide Automotive industry.

■“JAMBE” web site


#2-6 Nagonokyampasu
2-14-1 Nagono Nishi-ku,
Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken 451-0042


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