02 | Software Development
Robotic Process Automation


Robotic process automation by using Python or VBA. Work load reduction, improvement and normalize of result can be expected.
To automate the process, visualization is needed. It is possible to recognize issues of existing process.

Conventional process


Even in routine work, the quality of deliverables varies by worker. Even if there is a manual, implicit knowledge is exist, so not all workers follow the same procedure. This causes the following problems.

  • Unexpected differences in deliverables.
  • Even if process is according to the manual, there is a risk of inducing human error

Failures are found in the post-process, resulting in unexpected rework.

Unexpected extra work load for correction/confirmation work.

Robotic process automation


The issues with conventional process can be visualized by interview to the person in charge.
Automated process can reduce the process duration, improve and normalize the deliverable.
In a process that can be automated, it is possible for a novice worker to produce a product close to or equivalent to that of a skilled worker.

Rework and risks are reduced by shortening the work time and improving and standardizing the quality of deliverables.

By reducing rework, more resources can be allocated to other tasks.