01 | Technical Development
ECU embedded software development


Issues with software development by using programming language

Software development is done as described as below. Preparing developing environment, writing source code, build and debug, debug on actual hardware, fixing the code. If a failure is recognized during developing process, reworking in previous process will be needed.

  • Mismatch in case of linking multiple systems
  • Failure with running the software on actual device
  • It is difficult to fix the problem on a huge software

Applying MDB method to software development

Improve software development by Simulink

From start phase, by repeating simulation with supposed value and improve perfection, the load of after process will be reduced. By such a front loading, process reworking load can be reduced. Also program is visualized as block diagram , that helps intuitive development and fixing errors easily.

  • Productivity improvement by reducing work load.
  • Improvement of work style by human error reduction and work load reduction.

Activity with Simulink Model based design


Achievement of development with Simulink