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Integrated platform development


What is “Integrated platform”

Integrated platform can achieve simulations with multiple factors and produce realistic driving condition. In general, previously existing simulation method, models and simulation condition are prepared for each analysis targets, get solution only for each target. If enough information available, it is easy to simulate. But, many and unspecified condition should be concerned. Due to this, it is difficult to do analysis with actual vehicle condition. Even if Analysis could be done with actual vehicle, in case of problem occurs, reworking process should be needed because multiple models and test conditions should be prepared.
Integrated platform can perform realistic simulation like actual vehicle. Because of it, even if work load increases temporarily and information about concerning multiple conditions is needed, problems can be found without reworking.


Example case of “CarMaker”

By using an integrated platform, perform simulations with high accuracy


Example case of integrated platform

Simulation can be done with real road environment.

Integrated platform can create realistic virtual environment by configuring real road condition(dirt or tarmac etc.) But, in some cases it take long time because data input is done by hand. Complicated condition often cannot be reproduced (e.g. an under pass or a slope), adjustment is needed. Due to the reason above, creating road environment from scratch or simulation along a long distance road is needed, importing datas from map is more effective.

  • Utilization as RDE( Real Driving Emission) test
  • Get Latitude, Longitude, elevation information
  • Information like traffic signal can be gotten by external tools.(NOT Free) Others, RDX test
  • By using Generator option, traffic volume and so on can be configured

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